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Commercial Door Lock Repair League City Texas

Commercial Door lock repair is a service we do often in League City and surrounding areas. League City has over one hundred thousand people and growing everyday, that is several thousands of locks that need to be serviced.

What Types of Lock Repair Do We Do?

Storefront doors are always having problems. The doors are typically a soft aluminum that can distort and bend easily depending on the weather. If the door closer is working properly, it should close easily. 

The side of the door can have major alignment issues if the door is dragging on the bottom or rubbing the edge of the door frame. If there is an alignment issue we can fix it. 

Commercial doors rely on many things all working together. In order for the door to work properly. The door closer must close the door. 

The hinges must allow smooth operation. They must allow the door to move without any obstructions. Finally the key must turn and lock the door.

If any of these are not working together then it must be fixed. Usually there are two locks on a commercial door. There is one on the interior side and one on the exterior side. We can fix any of these door problems.

I need My Storefront Door To Lock Every time It Closes, is this possible?

There are many options to make this happen. We can remove the existing lock and drill the holes for a new lock install. The new lock can be operated by a key from the outside. We can install a paddle or push bar on the inside of the door to exit.

If you would like push button entry we can also install that option.

Professional Locksmith Door Lock Repair

Removing the screws when a deadbolt is stuck will not help you gain entry. If the deadbolt lock will not move, call a locksmith. The lock set needs to work with the strike plate or latch plate.

Installing a deadbolt correctly leads to years of service. 

Solid metal doors with a door knobs, get stuck also. The screws work themselves loose or can be to tight. Never leave the screw holes empty. Always install every screw.

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We have over 50 years experience in the locksmith industry and specialize in commercial, residential and automotive locks and keys. We offer emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

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