Spare Ford Keys Programmed

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Spare Ford Keys Cut & Programmed

Get spare Ford Keys in Houston, League City, Friendswood and Dickinson. If you are in Texas you have seen a Ford car or truck rolling down the road.

Ford F-150 and Ford F-250 are some of the most popular pickups in the Houston Texas area. They are used in many of the chemical plants and refineries in the Houston area. 

All Ford models have door locks on the drivers side door. Many people are not aware of the lock, because they always use their keyless entry remotes to gain entry.

 If you need a spare key for your Ford vehicle come by our Liberty Locksmith Shop in League City Texas. We can get you a new key cut and programmed quickly. 

Can Lowes Or A Hardware Store Make A Car Key With A Chip In It?

Honestly, I do not know the answer to this question. I personally do not trust just anyone with my keys. In Texas a Locksmith must be licensed, fingerprinted and have background checks.

 I do not think the local hardware store guy is licensed. If he messes up your transponder chip keys, will he know how to fix the problem. Short answer is no, they will call a locksmith.

Spare Ford Keys
Spare Ford Keys Programmed

What Should I Do If I Have Lost All My Car Keys To My Ford?

If you drop all your keys to your Ford F150 into the ocean, we will come to you and make new F-150 keys. Ford key replacements is our specialty and we even make Ford remotes and remote key fobs. 

Ford key fobs, like the one for the Ford Escape are very high tech, and require special equipment to program. 

Many keyless remotes have a lock and unlock button on them. When the button is pushed the locks will cycle. If you push the button and nothing happens it may just need a new battery.

Ford replacement keys always need programming to start the car.

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