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Safe locksmith services come from years of service and practice. Safe opening is a great skill. As a safe cracker for the last 20 years, I have fixed, opened and repaired many metal boxes. Always changing safe combinations for commercial business when a manager leaves or doing some kind of safe door repairs.

To put is simply safes are just a metal box with a set of hinges and a vault door. To open the metal box you enter the existing combination numbers by turning the dial clockwise and counter clockwise.

If you have a digital lock you start by entering the digital combination. Once the correct combination is entered you can turn turn the handle to make the door open.

These metal boxes are around for one purpose, to keep others from getting whats inside. When you buy one buy the most expensive one you can afford because you will only buy one in a lifetime if you buy a good one.

Locksmith Service & Repairs For:

  • Fire Resistant 
  • Security 
  • Fire Safes
  • Bank Vaults
  • Gun Safes
  • Fireproof 
  • High Security Vault
  • Digital Code Vault

We bolt down and deliver what we sell. There are many options, sizes and colors. What is right for you may not be right for somebody else.

Choosing a vault for your needs is a big decision, for instance always remember to take the weight into account. Something that weighs over one thousand pounds may be very hard to move up stairs. It also may be to heavy for a wood floor.

One more thing is they should always be bolted down to a concrete slab. If its not bolted to concrete slab it may be top heavy and tip over.

Also when its not bolted to a concrete slab a couple guys might walk into you home or business and just take the box and open it later away from prying eyes when they have lots of time.

Combination Locks Versus Keypad Locks

A combination locks has been around for over one hundred years. They are proven to work but require patience. Left and right turns are not that difficult but you would be surprised how many people have trouble dialing the lock to open. They get impatient and start spinning the dial and miss a number by just a little and have to start over.

I always tell people to dial four, three, two, one. Four times left and stop on the first number. Right, pass the second number two times then stop on the number the third time. Then left, pass the last number once then stop the second time.  You then either throw the handle to open or you turn the dial to the right til it stops then throw the handle.

Digital locks are easier, you just enter the code and throw the handle.

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