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What is rekeying locks service? Rekey Locksmith!

Rekey Locksmith service is fast. Rekeying a lock is a simple term but can be very difficult sometimes. When you rekey a lock cylinder you need a few things to get it done. 

The first thing a rekey locksmith will need a way to turn the cylinder. 

The easiest way would be with a working key. If there is not a working key you could pick the pin tumbler lock or shim the lock from the back. 

After the cylinder is turned you put in a plug follower rekey the cylinder and put back together. 

Then install locks the same way they came off. Try to put the same lock into each hole it was removed from. the door lock into the door and check the functions. 

Always close the door and check your work. Will the latch or bolt throw into the strike plate attached to the door jam? 

If not the door lock may need lock repair. Door lock repairs on exterior doors are important. If the exterior door knob or deadbolt lock will not lock that is a huge problem.


What is the difference between rekey & master keying?

Rekeying a lock is basically changing the inside combination using a rekeying kit for each lock brand. For instance, the local hardware stores sell Kwikset and Schlage. 

You must use different pin sizes for these locks as they will not interchange. A number one Kwikset would be .171 and a Schlage number one would be .180. 

So when you rekey a lock you are removing one key from working and adding another to work by changing the combination inside the lock. 

So there is only one combination inside so only one key turns the lock.

Master keying is almost the same, but now with one key working you add pins so another key will work also. Calling a locksmith to master key multiple locks is the only way to do it in a timely manner.

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