Rekey Locks Houston, Fast Service

Rekey Locks Houston

Rekey Locks Houston Professional Service

Do you need a professional locksmith? We can come onsite to you and rekey your door locks at your house or business.

There are many areas we offer rekey locks Houston service.

We offer lock rekey services to League City 77573, Houston 77062, Dickinson 77539, Webster 775978, Seabrook 77586, Friendswood 77546, Nassau Bay 77058. We also service surrounding areas.

Locksmith companies offer service day or night. Locksmith service in Houston TX is very easy to get.

Call today and give the address, number of locks and how many keys you will want to work the locks. If you need any lock and keys repairs we can handle that also.

Rekey Locks Houston Fast, Professional Service

Locksmith service covers many areas and types of locks. House locks are not the same as commercial locks.

Car locks are not the same as house locks. No matter what you see on TV safes do not make a click noise when you spin the dial.

House locks are generally grade three locks. Grade three locks are the lowest of the three levels of locks.

If you have grade three locks on your house, they are made for only a little use and a small amount of traffic.

If you have grade three locks on your busy restaurant, you may only get a couple months of use before they malfunction.

I have seen locks actually just fall off doors because they were not meant for the kind of abuse that commercial locks were meant to take.

You always want to have locks for their intended purpose, which is to lock up something of value.

If you have one million dollars in cash and keep it in your closet, do not go buy a Sentry safe to put it in. Sentry safes are just for important papers nothing more.

Commercial safes are not the same as a junk Sentry safe, Sentry safes can be opened with a hammer or magnet. They are complete junk.

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