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Need a car locksmith we are car key specialist locksmiths. We have literally made keys and remotes to thousands of cars. Key replacements are an everyday thing for us.

These days keys are very different from even ten years ago. There is nothing simple about car keys anymore. Chip keys and keyless entry remotes are here to stay.

Almost every car remote and key need some sort of car key programming. We have the transponder chips, car transponder keys, transponder key programming equipment and programming instructions to get you on the road fast.

Car Locksmith Ignition Repairs And Ignition Replacement

We also provide ignition switch repair for vehicles where your key no longer turns or needs to be pulled out or pushed in or jiggled in order to turn the key. Car ignitions can be mobile locksmiths nightmare. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Our ignition repair service is professional, fast and friendly with our ignition repairs and replacement.

Our Service areas include Locksmith League City, Locksmith Friendswood, Locksmith Dickinson and the greater Clear Lake Houston Area for car locksmith emergencies.

Some of the more common problems come straight from your pockets. Lint is pulled out of your pocket and inserted into the ignition lock right off your key. After years of stuffing lint into the lock it just stops turning.

The only real way to fix this is to remove the lock cylinder from the vehicle and take it apart all the way down to the springs. Then it can be cleaned right and put back together.

Once cleaned it can be reinstalled into the vehicle and will work perfectly. The key will go in and turn perfectly, like it just rolled of the line.

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