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House Lock Outs

What To Do When Locked Out Of House

House lock out, many people have done it, walked out of the house, closed the door and started walking to their car and had the terrible feeling of no keys in your pocket. You have just locked yourself out of your house.

What to do now to open the door? You have seen the guy on TV use a plastic card or bobby pin to jimmy or pick the lock on the front door. Is the coat hanger a real way of unlocking the door? The short answer is no.

Door knob locks are designed to open with keys. Trying to force the locking mechanism without the correct key can cause damage to your door and the frame.

House Lock out Solution

The first thing you should do is check all your doors and to see if one is open. Next thing is check all your windows, if one is open just open the window and your back inside.

If all else fails call a locksmith who is an expert at lock picking. Liberty Locksmith unlocks houses all the time. We will come out to you house, unlock your house and cut you a spare key.

When we give you the spare house key, do not put it in your house. Give the key to a family member or place the key into a hide a key where only you know where it is.

If we come out to open your house and you do not have cash or a check we also take credit cards onsite. In the event that this lock out is a lost door lock key situation we can make a new key by removing the doorknob and rekey it to another key.

Call Liberty Locksmith at 281-334-7233 for house lock out service. Our shop location is in League City Texas. We service League City, Friendswood, Dickinson and Webster Texas.

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